Thursday, September 21, 2006

327 on 327

front door
The House

I arrived, breathless, in my room in 327 in November of 02. I had been kicked out of my room in another neighboring beach town and 327 found me at the last minute. I traded the use of a van with an oboe player for a small desk that was "perfect for carving reeds" to move my stuff across the freeway. The girls I moved in with announced that this was the Marriage House, and that women only left to get married. Since I have been here, 2 have left for grooms, one has left for a bald man, another for Cambodia and one for a better place in closer to the beach. I think the marriage thing is wishful thinking cooked up by horny christian single girls. Or maybe not. I certainly wanted to believe it at the time.

glowing tree
The View

327 commands a view of Market St that is unrivaled by any other house number. It sits on the powerful southeast leg of an isosceles triangle in the heart of the B-40 district. The B-40 used to be a village that sat on the opposite side of the river from the Mission Santa Flip Flop. The Padres and the B-40ers had notorious fights over grazing rights and when the pirates invaded Flip, the B-40ers most likely rolled out the red carpet. All that is left of those days is a little bit of adobe wall on the other side of the Creek. If you wander a few blocks on Market towards town, you'll find handy iron rings in the sidewalk where you can tether your horse. When I dig in the garden I am always finding bits of rusty rakes, railroad ties and nails.

Branciforte River
The Creek Today

Pros great party space, mocking birds, proximity to trees, ocean and freeway, the location of my beddie-bye, nifty housemates, hooks to hang hammocks, plentiful blackberries and the immortal Porch.

Cons structure is currently being consumed by termites, I don't own it, and the garden has gone to seed.

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