Monday, August 13, 2007

Gazatteer Entry: Ocean Cleft

Pacifica, originally uploaded by F.X.Enderby.

Another entry into what is becoming more of a "gazatteer-on-the-fly."

I am getting to know Ocean Cleft a little at a time. I was here for a few half-weeks of substitute teaching for my Pater's parochial school (a parochial school in Ocean Cleft is doubly parochial) last spring. Now it has grown into one of my main sources of net and world (especially its little library). A mere 7 miles from the Hamlet (as opposed to the brutal 8 miles of coastal traffic separating me from San Benito).

Did I mention how isolated the Hamlet is? El Cab was incredulous when I told him there was no video store (nor mall, nor library, nor church, nor jobs, nor pagoda, nor firestation, nor pier, nor airport, nor train (gone with the '06 earthquake), but there is a farrier and there are certainly llamas).

Ocean Cleft is the last places Inimitable One* would like to settle because of its blue collar reputation. For more on that, you must read Derek Kirk Kim's Same Difference, written in this very neighborhood. I should really go ask him about drawing comics at home, something I can't possibly do on my parents' dining room table (or anywhere else at the Manse, for that matter).

Oooh, the library computer session is going to end soon. I think I am going to go check out the local strip mall after this.

*the IO is one of my jet-setting, fashionable friends. I have written about her ages ago (all good stuff, of course), but some of you newer readers may not have made her acquaintance yet.

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