Friday, August 10, 2007

Hamlet, Part 2

View of the Hamlet, originally uploaded by camille94019.

The fog rolled away this afternoon for the first time in two weeks and I took the KB swimming in the very pool I learned how to swim in. I think the lifeguards were the same-- tanned, slightly ditzy blondes with big sunglasses, paying more attention to the lummoxy swim jocks that to the children. Maybe they are just the Universal Lifeguards. The kids smelled just like they did when I was their age, a combination of little farts and strong detergent. They even had the same faces. It was very surreal, as if 25 years really hadn't passed. I was the only person that had changed. Even the loose gravel on the potholed parking lot was just where I left it.

My time is running out. More later.


Ariel said...

Beautiful photo. It's funny how time gets stuck in a rut at swimming pools. That's been my experience too. The life guards even have the same inflection in their voices. "Young man, stop running..."

Rosa said...

Thank you for the first use of the word 'lummoxy' that I have seen in the blogosphere. You are really trail-blazing up there in the Hamlet! Blaze on, O fearless leader!
S.C. has lost some of it's small town cool, now that I know that the chances are slim that I will run into you downtown.

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