Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Bear Town Gazetteer Entry

Composition, originally uploaded by camille94019.

Bear Town

Nestled in one of the many mountainous ranges that makes Alta California both adorable and sinister (oh! look at those pretty rolling hills! Oh! think about all those cozy little seismic faults perpetually under our feet that God used to make those baby-butt perfect hills!), it overlooks the Bay and the City. It has the climactic benefit of warm inland temperatures combined with the beloved coastal fog, but, sadly, it lacks a beach and a melodious Spanish name. It is also well-known for an Institute of Higher Larnin'.

Central to its relevance to 327land is its status as the current home of the Caballero.

Pros: Cheap food, temperate climate, proximity to the City, homoerotic Deco-era bronze monuments to heroic Athletes, hip, trash-talking, hard drinking Christians, friendly homeless, internet
cafes, abundant pre-war architecture.

Cons: The Bear Town City Fathers Hate Cars (so we hate them!) and its a long long way from Flip Flop.

Primordial Associations

Atom Smashers, Bay Pylon Art (the Baron and his friends are sadly gone from the waters off the freeway), epic traffic jams, gourmet hot dogs and hamburgers, Europoean toy stores, sitting at traffic lights, day trips with the Pater in the smelly Rabbit and midnight college forays on the train.

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