Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Spent a lot of time in the protective silver confines of my vehicle today (protecting me from the world or the world from me?). Usually when I commute, I memorize choir music or I listen to the mind-numbing pap of KFOG or 104.9. This morning I listened to Richard Shindell's "Somewhere Near Patterson" instead (for those of you not familiar with him... he is a folk singer who sings about various light and fluffy topics such as the plight of refugees in war-torn countries, natural disasters, lost love, injustice and american imperialism). When the CD ended (traffic was so bad, by the time it was over I was only at the Lexington Reservoir) I tried to listen to commercial radio... but I couldn't wait throught the commercials so I listened to NPR (see above note on Richard Shindell). Then I got to thinking...

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