Monday, April 26, 2004

A survey of the things piled up beside my bed.

2 ball point pens (one with a large blue carnation on it... thanks Mom!)
1 indigo blue Design2 marker (a vestige from the art school days)
1 Pentel brick red marker (from one of H's xbf's)
1 India ink PITT pen (size "S")
2 ponytail holders
2 flexagon books from last Monday night
1 leather agenda (analog, of course)
1 blue Mead Composition Book (filled with writing exercises and manuscripts)
1 blue Exam Book filled with thumbnails from the Stations of the Cross project
Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende (a Christmas gift from the amazing Ms B) I am bout halfway through and the story is picking up.
"Surely your Joking, Mr. Feynmann" by Richard P. Feynmann (a birthday gift from the inscrutable Mr S) I just finished it and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Picasso's Weeping Woman, the life and art of Dora Maar by Mary Ann Cawes (a birthday gift from the amazing Ms B) My first exposure to the photography (AHHH an unavoidable pun!) and wonderful collages of Dora Maar. [insert rail against the whole patriarchal machine of art appreciation, art history and legend makers right here] because she really is a great artist and should be remembered. The ironic thing was, that in the 30's she had plenty of shows and recognition followed by obscurity. Why? Its not fair!
The Eternal Man and Orthodoxy both by G.K. Chesterton, one of my favorite men o' letters. (what a great juxtaposition, eh? I can appreciate all the genders).

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