Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Another Forbidden Word

The Knee Biter and I had a classic conversation a month ago, it went like this-

TKB: My invisible jettie says bad words.
C: Really? What sort or words.
TKB: I can't say... Mom would get mad.
C: Can you whisper them? I won't tell.
TKB: No.
C: Can you at least give me a clue?
TKB: Well, Maybe. It starts with a "efff" and ends in a "tuh"
C: Hmmm, I can't figure it out.
TKB: [sotto voce] fart
C: What!? You can't say "fart"?! What is so bad about fart?
TKB: I don't know, but I can say "making wind" or "fluff" and dad farts all the time.

Today I walked into my storage area at the Institution and a parent was standing there, facing away from me. I asked her if I could help (I really wanted to know what she was doing there, since Tuesday isn't usually ice cream day) She turned to me, and pointed to a folder on the counter that said "End of the Year Crap" and asked me if it was mine. I said yes. She told me that if I was a parent that she would "have words" with me about it. I guess its ok for contract employees to have rudely worded folders in their work areas. Of course I wouldn't use that with a child. I shared the anecdote with my coworkers and they all thought it was funny and agreed that the end of the year is crap.

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