Sunday, May 16, 2004

The booth was significantly more roomy sans Tweedledee and Tweedledum. (men take up so much room). We had amusing running commentary on the various hoochies that visited us (lip-liner is so eighties slut). Bought some rings from a very hot jewelry man (sigh). One has this huge chair on it, and he made me promise I wouldn't poke my eye out and the other one has freeway over-passes rendered in enamel on a plain band. Have I mentioned how cool freeway overpasses are? They are one of the flowers of our North American Car Culture Civilization (yes, I know, civilization may be the overstatement of the century).

The Caring Software Company that sponsored our booth has the word "algorithm" in their company motto (something about bringing "algorithms to actuality"). I really think it is an underutilized word and very sexy. (Hey baby, I wanna groove to your algorithm) I like the way it tastes. yum.

Speaking of, there were some soldiers lurking on at the corner of Castro and California, who were very scrummy. A plane load of them from Afghanistan and Iraq just arrived at Moffett (they were officially welcomed by the mayor, whom I met yesterday). I can't imagine going from a war-torn middle-eastern country to downtown MV in the middle of an art+wine festival (the sight of the obese throngs stuffing their faces with fried foods is disturbing enough).

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