Wednesday, May 5, 2004

I am almost at the end of my comnputer time, so I am going to be brief.

Why There is a Crisis in Education, my rant-of-the-day

I was talking to an educator today... and she was kvetching about how the school asked her to take a leave from teaching until she got her credential done.

She can't go on until she passes her teaching tests.

She has passed everyone except the Math and Science. (which you have to show a fifth grade proficiency in).

She leans in and whispers, by way of explanation.

"I went to Santa Barbara, and I paid a note-taker to attend class, so I never had to go. And I missed all that stuff. So when it came to returning to school at age 47...My husband said I couldn't do it" She shrugged her shoulders to show me the impossibilty of it all. She went on about her kids, how she "hates school" and how you don't need to know that stuff to teach first grade.

I was spechless. What do you say to that? I am just a lowly classified employee.

BTW, this is not normal... but that a person like this could actually get into a classroom and be the teacher... I find this terrifying.

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