Thursday, May 27, 2004

I am giddy today.

Exhibit A
Driving home after a mellow day at work, I was thinking again (it happens periodically) of the Desert Fathers and what great story potential they have. The word "novel" even skittered across my thoughts [gasp!]. I am not that ambitious, if anything happens, it will probably be a short story for that nacre-covered grain of sand. But But... there are so many characters, and the story could take place over many generations, it could be HUGE, it could be a SUPER COLOSSAL EPIC!

Exhibit B
While reading an article in the Art Now Gallery Guide, my heart started pounding with excitement and anticipation when I discovered that Joel-Peter Witkin will be speaking at the Fort Mason Center in July. I thought I really disliked his photography, but why this physical reaction? Why this nearly uncontainable excitement? I didn't even know he was still alive (his subjects sure ain't). (ew bad image... bad bad image)

Exhibit C
I was actually appalled by the state of my CD collection. I am actually inspired to do something about it. Maybe tomorrow.

Exhibit D
The catalog of classes for the Center of the Book nearly gave me palpatations too. Every single offering looks delectable. There just isn't enough money or time to take all of the things I want to. So much frustration.

Hormones? The Lunar Phase? An astrological conjuction? I feel like I am in love.

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