Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I lived yesterday in a state of unadulterated analogity. yup, no getting lost on the non-flat screen of H's Mighty HP. I worked, I commuted, I loved, I lost, all in stereophonic reality. Sort of. Does watching Gilmore Girls on TiVo count?

Did I mention how lovely Pogonip was at dusk? And how tasty the Cardamon-Pistachio icecream from Marianne's is? (instead of adding green dye and the chemical pistachio essence, they actually put [gasp] authentic pistachios... and the little brown specks, I assume were actual cardomon) I love this town. The trees at Pogonip seemed a bit hostile in the growing darkness. The Contessa and I speed-walked in order to avoid total blackness and the wild mountian cats we knew were stalking us.

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