Friday, May 21, 2004

I was just reading the blogger article about posting pictures. Its free, now. {insert devilish laughter}


Except I promised H I wouldn't download any software onto the Mighty HP unless I talked to her first. And the Bloggerbot needs something called "Hello". Bagel only just removed the Evil Spyware Software that refused to be uninstalled. Everytime we booted up the machine (am I dating myself? do we "turn on" computers now?) This annoying window would pop up saying that we had to buy their software or else... or else what I always wondered? It was all my fault, too. But RI Pinecoffin told me to do it, to save the computer from certain invasion.

I clearly need to petition the Serene and Magnificent H about this. The Beautiful, the Inimitable, the Unstoppable....

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