Thursday, May 13, 2004

it is a lovely morning, again, here at the Institution. In the mood to say something snide and classist. But I am going to desist. This is a public blog, after all. I am really tempted to create a shadow blog... another forum where all of the politically incorrect, biased, fictional, fantastical, blattantly wrong, sexually perverse, raw, blasphemous and egomaniacal writing would go. I spend half my time here editing. Am I paranoid or wise? I thought about it all morning, on my insanely long commute, I fantasized about what I would write in that blog, what I would call it (the working title is 256Market, life that lurks in the dark places under the sink). Maybe that is lame. And there is a story behind the number 256, but it really only makes sense to me (in that space where your teeth are falling out and you can't remember the combo to the locker that holds all your homework).

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