Saturday, May 1, 2004

News of the Annoying

-Area girl found yet another indication that the Evil Kitchen Slug is still at large. A silver trail glistened on the dirty cutting board. The one that SHE had left the previous morning covered with little bits of broccoli. If she had only been more diligent about cleaning up her messes, then maybe the kitchen slug wouldn't have had a reason to come out of its dank hiding place.

-Same Area Girl discovered her second nalgene had disappeared. It was last seen in the "art corner" of her kitchen. To her knowledge she never moved it from that area. She recently plastered it with duct tape and an "abortion is mean" sticker... designed to repel the local, liberal Santa Cruz Nalgene Goblins.

-After a recent survey of the fridge, it was discovered that there is a alarming derth of ketchup. What will Area Girl dress her morning slop of broccoli and TVP with?

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