Sunday, May 2, 2004

This fabulous weekend is winding down. Spent Saturday hanging out with my family and celebrating birthdays. Had some quality time with the Five Year Old. Mom and Pa went to see the Passion and left me alone with her. We "broke out the glue gun" and made art cars (her current, verboten fascination... my mother really doesn't support this phenom at all). First we made 2-d drawings of cardboard of cars then we glued little toys on them and stuck on stickers. Then we thought, why not make a real one? So we disassembled a beaded necklace and ransacked her toychest and made a 3-D one from one of those Chevron cars. It turned out great and she was so proud. We went ahead and made an art bale of hay, and art cross, an art hat and various other art accessories. I am thinking this is a potential show. Tho' its probably already been done. Mother was suitably horrified the next day.

And speaking of horrified parentals. My father and I visited the Legion of Honour on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed the Art Deco show (it was "pure sex" according to Da', especially the chrome outboard motor and the chrome fan heater). But things started to go south when we visited the contemporary print room and saw a piece that seemed unpatriotic (a large silkscreen of the flags of the USA, China and USSR... and all the red was blended together). And then it got even worse when we went into the Adi Nesgallery. I think I blushed deep crimson when I saw the prints of the hot Isreali soldiers in various suggestive poses. We left pretty quickly. Although, chrome, art deco sex is somehow ok. I think my dad enjoys seeing objectified women more than men.

On Sunday, after church at the First Mennonite, Me and the Slug Monitor revisited the inflammatory art of Mr Nes (gotta love that FAMSF membership). Reminded me pleasantly of another semetic male I have been accused of objectifying recently.

Not that I'd ever condone the objectification of anybody.

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