Sunday, June 20, 2004

Baby Steps

I am contemplating a big step. I printed out the forms... all I need to do is put the comics in the mail.
And send them away.
To strangers.
Will they be loved?
Will they be forgotten?
Will they return in shame?
Will they make me rich and famous?
As soon as I know what is going on, I will let you, dear reader, know. For now, you can check out the store... I put the link on the sidebar, "quimby's."

Father's Day

Spent a lovely time with the family. The Paterfamilias, TKB and I ended up abandoning my mother and Beloved to The Doll Museum, while
romped through the Juneteenth Celebration to spend an educational afternoon at the Tech. The funny thing was, that inspite of all of the amazing displays, TKB really liked playing with the blocks, and the spy rooms. She wasn't impressed at all by the hip replacements and the Clean Room.

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