Saturday, June 5, 2004

Grand Tour of the Peninsula

itinerary, June 4th

8 AM, leave your fog-enshrouded home by car, heading North to The Lovely Highland Town.

9AM, you arrive at your office, oh darn, all of your appointments have been cancelled except one. You may go shopping if you wish, as long as you are there for your 10:30. Your secretary winks when you tell her you have to go to a meeting.

12 You break bread with your fellow coworkers, laughter and good humour abound.

3ish You and the Inimitable One pile into your cars to walk the Dish. You will not encounter a bald man, but you will burn a lot of calories within sight of the World's Most Beautiful Freeway.

4ish The Inimitable one heads North, while you stop in Not the Famous New Jersey Town to buy wine at Trader Joe's. You continue heading North up El Camino, stopping at every light, you have ample time to listen to music and contemplate the splendid disaster that is the history of El Camino. You revel in the goofy architecture from each 20th Century epoch. From the immortal Glass Slipper, to the "new and improved" Hillsdale Mall, to the old favorites like Yum Yum Yogurt and the place in Treetown where you bought your first car.

5ish, You arrive at The Inimitable One's Swank Sacred Matt Pad. The dill havarti is toothsome, as are the bing cherries, the artichoke dip, the spinach salad & the roast fowl. The disgruntled former employees of the Institution make for wonderfully entertaining company. You drink way too much of the Bear's Lair Merlot you brought.

8ish You point you car North, again, this time to B--. You find the wooded grove, with the mighty cathedral. You stumble in the dark sanctuary, while the parishioners sing in Ancient Tongues. After your second trip to venerate the Cross, you find the Contessa and the rest of the Holy Cross Crew. You lift your voice in the chants, rounding your vowels.

10ish After making a complete ass of yourself in the Lobby (Sheesh! the sisters of Mercy don't have a foothold in Japan!) You and the contessa find your car.

11ish You head West, to the Pacific. You arrive at the Ancestral Manse. You fall asleep immediately.

7ish, You awake, and hunt down TKB for the morning's entertainment.

8ish, Breakfast with the family

9ish, You step into your chariot and head South, to sunnier climes.

"Clean underwear is delicious!"
pg 23, the book of the sayings of TKB

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