Friday, June 11, 2004

Gratuitous Movie Review

(in short disjointed sentences)

The Terminal, for the terminally bored.

Spielberg, in not so fine form.

Badly cast Tom Hanks (should have given the job to a real Eastern European... his face is just too all-american white man)

NO CHEMISTRY at all with the Zeta woman

Bad stereotyping (hispanic man in food service, elderly indian man who is paranoid, and hanks in an unforgivable clutzy, broken english schtick role, nymphomaniac stewerdesses)

plot? what plot? wasn't developed until the end, neither were the characters fleshed out til the end (and then it was too late).

Cheesy moments included a backlit, over-exposed kissing scene. Would have been appropriate in the 20's before the movie viewing public got all sophisticated.

There was a subplot involving jazz, but the soundtrack was utterly forgetable. (hello! what a great opportunity to tie it in)

Slapstick! Poor tom & catherine, to have to trip and fall all throughout this movie.

Product placement! I am so glad I didn't pay to get bombarded with adverts from Starbucks, Borders, Sbarro, United Airlines.. to name a few. I think that was the whole reason the movie was made...

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