Tuesday, June 1, 2004

In the interest of not being completely self-absorbed (try figuring out the metaphysics of THAT, HA!). The writer will write about something else.

The H person is scrubbing an antique yellow metal truck with an old toothbrush.

N is out of the building. She has been studying for finals.

The gopher posse ate all but one of the tomato plants that A+A planted. The guru came to the church in [unspecified Valley Town] and officiated their engagement.

Glenn at Midas had a great weekend taking his kids (3 and 7) to see Shrek 2 at the drive-in.

Antoinette is the new village letter-carrier. Cake, anyone?

Miss Jenny, a cashier at New Leaf, has a Norse goddess tattooed on the inside of her arm. The goddess has no feet, her skirt just stops, as if the artist ran out of time.

The produce-person, also at New Leaf, has Inuit designs tattooed on his triceps and fore-arms. He is also attractive. (personal judgment, does that count? Damn right! Its a statement of fact.)

Cafe Campesino is closed on Tuesdays.

Plums are in season.

Nutella cost $4.89 at New Leaf.

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