Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Just got home from work.. put the rice on the stove, and the produce on the couch (I guess I should move it before I sit down).

Camps are going well. I am carpooling with an old friend, and it truly is one of the perks of living far from where one's work is (that and living far from one's work-- its easier to separate life and work that way. Hm, makes one wonder if that is necessarily a good thing).

We went by the farmer's market. Gee, Toto, we are in Santa Cruz! The town assaulted my senses. The smells of the fish, the body odour, the patchouli, the fruit, and the cooking food were nearly overwhelming. Its the closest I will ever get to experiencing a middle-eastern bazaar. The indigenous crowds were a sight, too. The dreds, the piercings, the earthy hemp clothes and the untrimmed masses. I really shouldn't talk, my bare legs were covered in a striped paint job (today was crazy sock day at the Institution).

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