Friday, June 25, 2004

The Mall

I biked to the Mall today and I was sorely tempted to spend a lot of money, (no one can pull the dollars out of my pockets like Chris Ware... [argh!] I need a cold shower) but I didn't. Maybe it will go on sale. Maybe ten years from now, I will find it in a pile at the Bargain Barn.

Whilst down there, I even saw one of The Models. It is a strange sensation, seeing an aquaintance on the street, to be able to visualize exactly how her breasts hang. I even remembered her name. I have been told, by a reliable source, that I need to work on my humanfigure drawing. Its good to be reminded now and again that I haven't yet achieved drafting perfection. Next week, it will happen.

I finished page 5 of the May Avenue epic. An homage to Hubbard and May, a glorious interstection, a conjunction of winter and spring, a joining of reason and mysticism, a potent hybrid of puritanism and hedonism. A crux, in flux.... :P

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