Sunday, June 13, 2004

So the e-mails continue to fly between me and the hopefuls. Ah, yes, I have the powah!! These men are soaking up a lot of my daily quota of words (hence the brevity of my recent posts).

Had a great time celebrating the birthday of the Paterfamilias. We had hamburgers (after seeing "Supersize me" I had a temporary foray into vegetarianism... it ended today with a bowl of dead, mercury-laced scallops... ohh, so not kosher). Then we wandered around the fair Santa Clara Valley looking for the elusive San Antonio Park (behind the pink apartments). Finally we settled at Los Gatos Creek Trail (didn't last long when we realized we were hopelessly unprepared for the sun... bad things happen to unprotected coastsiders... what is the enormous yellow thingy?! it burns it burns). Then we decided to take in some Culture and that is how we found ourselves at the San Jose Museum of Art. (I expected it to be provincial.. maybe some California impressionist landscapes and ansel Adams prints, but I was utterly delighted by the offerings. Of special enjoyment... the photograph of the lissome, naked baldman standing in the ray of light (yum yum), the chair consuming monster couch, the glass-beaded kitchen and the miniature scenes secreted in the old appliances). Every gallery was a delight. And it was free. The Pater shared some great quotables. He definitely enjoyed himself.

"These artists are insane! Why don't they just get some therapy?... I can't believe all the money they spent to showcase this insanity... are artists "intellectuals"? "

He didn't like a huge painting of a traditional Chinese woman that the artist dripped solvents all over, because it reminded him unpleasantly of the cultural revolution and the wanton destruction of Chinese people and culture. Which I think was a totally legitimate interpretation... but why that made the picture bad, I don't know. I had a great time spending time with him, even though we couldn't agree about anything.

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