Wednesday, June 9, 2004

That old adage, be careful what you wish for.

The old wife wasn't joking. By friggen Mt Madonna, where to start?
-With the wacky Marine who "wanted to see my whole body" and who was suddenly called away when I didn't want to speak with him on the phone. (nix)
-With the dude who was "screening for his buddy"? (nix)
-The world traveler who equates sports with sexual stamina? (actually, I kind of like him, he looks cute with his llamas)
-The catholic longshoreman who cant spel? (I am sure he is a nice guy). (nix)
-The East Bay musician who wants to take me out in his dodge viper? (he is at the head of the pack right now)
-the dude named Noam, who has side burns, but is willing to lose them?
-or the guy who sent me a laugh out loud funny article about the Chris Ware Band?

I suddenly feel shy and retiring. Like Penelope, waiting for Fido to sniff out her brave Ulysses. Where is the loom? I think I am busy.

Here's the lowdown on the Chris Ware Band... he gets props for ingenuity, and sheer bullshittin'

Chris Ware Band a virtual car crash of punk and rockabilly was born late
in the winter of 1995 in the haunted dark of a bar in Lowell, Massachusetts.
A few friends were spending the evening discussing a few shared obsessions
the cruel voyeurism and gossip-mongering of enemies real and imagined, excess
(in all its manifestations), and Iggy and the Stooges Raw Power. The band was
conceived, that night, as an outlet for their petty anxieties, consuming

paranoia, and love of rock and roll.

In 1997, the Chris Ware Band released the seven song Mill Citys Burning,
which enjoys regular college radio airplay and continues to draw comparisons to
the likes of the Dead Boys, the Standells, and Nick Cave. Their 2000 follow-up
full-length Soul Shakedown which charts the interior regions of despair,
unrest, betrayal, remorse, and boner-shame is a more finely crafted rock and
roll locomotive. These new songs are loud, full, and catchy as hell making it
nearly impossible not to shout along with the choruses.

To date, the band has had more drummers than Spinal Tap. With the recent
addition of Sean Burgess to fill that role, the Chris Ware Band is entering the
next phase of an already highly successful career. In the past five years, they
have built a following in Boston; Lowell, MA; and Providence, RI playing
with bands like the Fleshtones, the Shods, Textile Lunch, Eddy Dyer and SuperID,
Kearney Square, Purrr, the Texas Vipers, Rock City Crime Wave, Quintaine
Americana, Porter, Random Roadmother, Demolition Doll Rods, the Lashes, the Double
Nuthins and the Nines. They have recently signed with Boston indie That
Promising Seadog Media, and expect a 7 out by Spring/Summer 2001.


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