Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Why Mutton View is Cooler than Big Shaft

(becuase I am stuck here for yet another afternoon and I feel like mouthing off on bona fide non-issues)

I get paid an extra $1.50/hr for teaching the exact same thing in MV.

The Main MV library has 1) a nifty computer lab, 2) better lighting to draw comics under, 3) more picturesque grounds & 4) more parking

Castro Street has a dusty, post-dot-com, down-homey feel. Its not trying to impress anyone. You can get a good cup of coffee and visit an independent bookstore without getting run over by a Jaguar or mauled a mountain lion.

MV roads have higher speed limits and they don't resort to flashing speedometer signs to make you abide like the control freaks in BS. (OH NO! I was going 26 mph in a 25 zone!)

I have an easier time getting from the Coast to MV without using the Dread 101. 280, the bestest freeway in the world, is a long, crooked path from downtown Big Shaft.

MV doesn't have Stanford (the Mall, nor the Institution). Need I say more?

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