Saturday, July 24, 2004

I dusted off my breasts and brought them out today. The last time they saw the public was back at some Ren Faire in the mid 90's. Its high time they saw some action, yeah verily, it has been nearly nine years since their last escapade. I am not one of those women who flaunts her assessories, nor do I give them much thought. I think I am going to put them back. [sigh] Breasts are over-rated.

Nothing happened. I decided to wear my new black bra and the foxy (or so I thought) black wrap-around number to the Pub tonight. I *thought* there would be some sexy young scooter-riding bucks there, but alas that was not the case. Instead the scene was dominated by tipsy, loudmouthed men who had equally inebriated women clutching the arms of their chairs. I did have a great time hanging out with the H-person and the Bagel and I wish them a warm night there on the moors.

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