Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Life is so odd.

So, I was just revelling in my anti-man vibe. I decided to walk alone (cuz, apparently, my anti-female vibe is strong tonight as well). I was heading up B-40 when I noticed a couple standing on the HW1 overpass. I couldn't tell what they were doing, they might have been kissing. As I passed them, the man asked me to look at the traffic and he told me to notice how weird it was. So I stopped and told myself that I was having a Flip Flop Town Moment.

We watched traffic. It was exhilerating. The cars zoomed by so fast. Then they asked me if I knew of any donut shop around. Then they asked me if I wanted a donut. I agreed to show them how to get to Farrells going North on B-40 (for some reason going South wasn't an option). It turns out he knows Celestial Being.

So I am going to gloss over the bit about there not being and donuts at Farrells and getting sorbet at Marianne's and walking down May Ave. Blah blah blah... so the bottom line is

I have a date on Friday.

I gave him my number. So, you ask, what about the other chick? Turns out they are friends, and she had to go to bed, and we lost her (very nice woman that she is) at Mariannes.

I really see it as an opportunity to try out my anti-man vibe. Will it work again? Will he leave the country? This will be my second date with a Flip Flop man... I don't know how I feel about dating a local. He didn't have dreds. Seems to shave occasionally. Seems to have been churched, but I don't know anything else about his spiritual history.

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