Sunday, July 11, 2004

The Puolet has a wifey now. The wedding was lovely, even if he didn't appreciate all the butter and noodles in his car. The pastor who married them was a riot... funny and interesting. The extended families were cool (they seemed so refreshingly normal... I had no idea anyone had a normal family). The food was wonderful, I was able to limit my gluttony this time. Yeah! I even got to dance with a Tall Texan.

I-5 was equally fantastic. I appreciated its many nuances (each state has a uniquely textured surface, and the signage changed... Washington is fond of silhouettes and I got a kick out of the "Oregon Thanks You" at the borders... thanks you for what? Leaving?). Leadfoot was great company... entertaining me with her quips and unique perspective on life.

I am a bit overwhelmed by all the sights and sounds... maybe I'll share more later.

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