Saturday, July 3, 2004

A real Coastside Moment

I awoke this morning and the sky was white. I knew it would be a great day to go the beach. So I hopped on my trusty bike and whizzed over to the boardwalk (this present locale, though close technically to the Bay, is not one of the best places for beach access. *My* beach happens to everybody's beach, convenient for the Valleys and for me). As soon as the fog burned off, I braved the crowds and headed home. I love laying on the beach with my hat over my pale face, listening to the noises of the beach goers and the surf. The quality of sound is really special, you can hear the intimate whispers of people a block away, and the musical waves seem to wash right over you. After I was done listening, I pulled out my dry pastels (the ones I rarely use) and drew a painting. (hm?) Do you draw or paint with pastels? I don't know.

Listening now to the dryer, the N*ster and her radio makes me suddenly want to be near the relative calm of the Big Dipper.

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