Wednesday, July 21, 2004

The Theraupuetic Drs Bell.

I had an old fashioned attack of female hysterics this morning and fortunately the talented Dr Bell called (on Bell's invention, ha ha ha) and applied some of his ministrations. I felt better almost immedietely. The feeling of peace and contentment has continued through the day. Sometimes you just can't beat Victorian medicine.

Hm, I think that was the highlight of my day.

Yesterday I walked with the Celestial Being. She just returned from the UK and I got enjoy her adventures vicariously. I am so inspired to sell a kidney and go to Europe. I wonder if I could get away with what Albrecht Durer did when he wanted to go to Italy. He packed a bunch of his fabulous prints, his bags and he bartered his way across Europe with his art. I doubt anyone would give me a train ticket for a stack of submarines.

I was wandering around Haight Street in the mid nineties with Mr Wobbly and we were accosted by this homeless hippy who was selling these awful (they were just scribbles really) xeroxed drawings for 25 cents each. Wobbly felt sorry for him and bought a couple. I have a special horror when I see pathetically bad art, its like the universe is telling me that that could be me.

Bill Gould bought my ICA print. Yee Haw. I hope it wasn't just a pity purchase. Hm, the link button is gone, so here's his url: He is one of the lynchpins of the Sacred Guiseppe Art Scene.

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