Monday, July 5, 2004

They Gave Me Grief at the Dump

I just wanted to go dumpster diving for inner tubes. The guy in the office wasn't comprehending at all. Finally after listening to my explanation, he said it would be ok. I was so bummed, there were only two really skinny road-bike tubes. I NEED RUBBER. I will come and pick it up. I am not choosey... any sort of tube will do.

After I was neck deep in the dumpster, I notice the "No Scavenging Signs" I had no idea... really, after years of scavenging there I had never noticed. Probably becuase my eyes were on the dumpsters themselves.

Its is WRONG! I come from a proud line of dumpster-divers. Its a tradition. It hurts the poor people. I feel so persecuted. What are they afraid of? Lawsuits?

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