Sunday, July 4, 2004

This is the first evening in the last three years that I have had the urge to watch television. I can hear the fireworks already, but I have no desire to join the revelers alone. I can't think of anyone to call. Well, that is not true... but I am sure he is busy, and I wouldn't want to be accused of harassing any one.

I already climbed on the roof. I saw that the fog was already sneaking in from the ocean, so I doubt I'll see anything. Plus, the ladder I have is a few rungs short of a full barrel... quite a dicey proposition. I don't have the money to break my neck.

I just finished reading Still Life with Woodpecker by Tom Robbins. It was very entertaining. The two main characters are red heads. The New Boy has red hair. I don't think that means anything. I wonder if he knows Latin? Now that would be weird. How many red-haired polyglots can my universe support? Does any one need a date? I bet I can set you up without meaning to. TNB hasn't written in days. I think he hates me. That is an overstatement. Gee, silly, he is prolly watching fireworks.

I think I am turning into a crackpot eccentric.

[pointless anecdote]

I was biking down Water today, and as I passed Staff of Life, I saw a man who looked just like NY, standing on the sidewalk, looking lost. And then I realized I knew him and I went by so quickly that I couldn't say hello. And then I felt bad, because I am sure I stared at the poor fellow. I still feel guilty about insulting his sister's violin playing. That seems like a life time ago. Back when I was taking guitar at Cabrillo College. He taught me how to play the blues one evening in 1950-B. Those years were drenched in music.

Is that my ax calling me?

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