Saturday, August 21, 2004


I thought I was going to be working on monday. I think I mentioned that already. The realization has yet to effect my spending habits. I think it will tomorrow. I also got some embarrassing letters from the bank. The, uh, situation, was easily fixed by some chocolate and a well-placed call. My credit rating won't be effected.

The H-ster and I walked downtown twice today. We enjoyed a veritable orgy of Flip Flop town impressions and instutitions. We actually had an Uncle Mark sighting, in the lobby of the Palomar, no less... in the flesh! And he was smiling! We also ran into one of the Contessa's friends, eating bagels in front of "Jewels on Pacific" Have I mentioned how I love small towns?

I was delighted to find a xerox machine at Officemax that will become the official reproduction machine of the Submarine File Promotional Committee. Its the second one from the left. I wanted to mark it some way.... the Hster recommended rubbing my neck on it.

The H-ster disturbed a couple today in front of our house. I don't know what they were doing, but when I stcuk my head in our window, they appeared to be putting on some clothes. They were in a truck, the dome light was on. I don't know why they would chose our bit of Market to do their nasty deeds on.

Please write soon. I am dying to hear how the expidition is going.


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