Friday, August 6, 2004

The Flip Flop Town Art Rant

The H-ster and I just returned home from SCICA's Friday Night Art Walk.

Every once in a while I am reminded that we do, indeed, live in a third-world county. (IE, the main industries here are farming and tourism, striking poverty) Tonight was definitely one of those instances.

We were frustrated by galleries that closed earlier than indicated and some shows that were non-eixistent. We wandered the vicinity of the Louden Nelson Center like lost puppies before a kind soul informed us that the "artists didn't feel like putting on a show this month." The scene at Cafe Perg was dominated by puerile, adolescent monkey art (literaly). Felix Kulpa (a bastion for actual, real art) closed early. That was a real tragedy. Thomas Kincaide was also included in the listings. Whose idea was that? The Museum of Art and History also closed early.

Yeah, I AM the art police.

The $19.99 show was cool. The art was displayed with the finesse of a flea market vendor, but there were some gems. And a lot of crap. But for 19 bucks, who really is counting? The real winner, was the homeless-looking man with the beat up portfolio chugging wine in the corner.

Events like this reinforce unfortunate stereotypes about Santa Cruz and artists. Speaking of, I saw some tourists being dogged by tract-passing christians. [cringe]

The show next door to the 19.99 show was on the verge of being edgy and cutting edge. If it wasn't for the spray can fumes and the taped-bubble-jet-computer-printouts-of-edgy-street-art, it might have been good.

H says "schlock"

Earlier today I went to the SJMA.

Ah, sweet muse of good art.
Fill my sails with fragrant winds.
Blow my bark to fertile shores...

The Zine Room rocked (I will be in it next year). The Nara exhibit rocked. I recommend that institution without reservation. The 2400 little sharpie pen drawings were truly awe-inspiring. How sad that the under-appreciated Valleys totally kick our artistic ass.

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