Sunday, August 1, 2004

I just got a really humbling e-mail from my comic-mentor Jeff. He thinks I should use text. I have a silly case of graphiphobia. He used a very well reasoned argument. I think he might be smarter than me. I think I should just never disagree with him. The submarine has been such a silent place... its really hard for me to give the characters words. Unless I create a "narrator." (thats an idea) He says comics is the combination of words and pictures and both are critical.

Or something.

I spent hours today avoiding cleaning my room by cleaning everything else. I even took a load of other people's garbage to the dump. I didn't find any innertubes. :( I had a Jamison-moment... I swept the eaves and the windows, trimmed the evil ground cover (I think its related to kudzu) and swept the ground (where does one sweep the dirt to? everything is paved, sadly, so I put it all in the garbage). I rendered a lot of spiders, slugs, and snails homeless. Boo hoo, the poor babies. I even windexed the mail box (it was gross!). The chi can now flow around the house, and hopefully the postwoman won't complain about getting whapped by the willow. I filled up the greencycle container to overflowing.

What was really painful about the postal-femme's comment was that she assumed it was a rental. Ouch. Its painfully obvious. I live in a dump.

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