Sunday, August 15, 2004


This will be my 200th post.

Its also my great aunt and uncle's 61st anniversary. Ironically, if I had been a good little family member and took some days off of camp last year to go to their shindig (held, at great expence, on a yacht) the next anniversary would have been non-existant.

A year ago, on this date, I met NY at a bonfire at Seabright. I just got off the phone with him and it is clear (yeah, I am slow learner) that whatever-it-was is over.


The last little weed has been doused with DDT. It is turning brown and crumbling to ashes as I speak.

Tomorrow is a new day. A monday, no less. Weep not for little camille. On monday she will get lost in all of the petty cares of the last week of summer and this conversation might pass through her head briefly as she collapses in her bed tomorrow night.

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