Thursday, September 30, 2004

The Fort Mason Book Sale.

Last night, the denizens of 327 and the Wobbly made their way up the Peninsula to the Fort Mason Book thingy, in order to bid (ha ha) good-bye to their excellent LGBT solidarity art pieces before they get put to the public for auction. The weather was perfect and we stayed on schedule, in spite of the 40 miles we travelled on the Vile 101.

So if you have ever wanted your own H or C, go this weekend and bid, I say, BID! It goes for a good cause.

The books are impressive, too. Acres and acres of cheap books, and even more interesting were the wacky people who were there to browse. We would have bought lots of things, but we were too broke. We contented ourselves with the free wine and cheese. Some of the art was really interesting. I would have picked up a couple if I could. (but where, where would I put it?)

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