Sunday, September 26, 2004

Mao in my back pocket.

I lost a small gig today cuz I am not chinese. Weird, eh? The mother who hired me to teach her children "how to draw" gently asked me if I could do Ed Emberly-style drawing lessons with her kids. Then she went on and on about really great chinese teachers who got them to produce good stuff. No I don't do ed emberly (why not use the frikken books?)I know a good "militaristic" sino-autentico who can whip her kids into shape. I gave them each other's numbers.

We had a fascinating conversations about art. She really likes my style, she says, and the children adore me (questionable). She collects art (like Sally Bookman, and Sue Ormsby-- both ladies paint in the capitola-cute style.. yes that is a technical term). She said her kids didn't have a huge passion to draw, but that she wanted them to do it anyways. I asked her why she didn't hire me to just teach her (because she clearly cares about it.. and is transfering her passion to her offspring, who could really care less). It was interesting/amusing in the way that we could be speaking the same language but speaking from entirely different philosophies.
She didn't want to hire me to teach her becuase she is too busy.


My good deed for the day. I have been looking for a way out of this pointless job for weeks, now. She gave me a baggie of smoked chinese dates.

Life is strange.

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