Wednesday, September 1, 2004

New York called again last night. [pregnant pause as the writer decides how exactly she is going to spin this tiny, itsey bit of news. The pause continues as she tries to sort out her "feelings." She was on-line at the time, so he shared with the Machine. He accused her of "listening" (in the context of listening to the machine instead of picking up) which is wack becuase the voice mail service doesn't work like that. He talked about the submarine file he was reading with his friend "gavin." He discussed the possible meaning of the cat skull. He quoted his quote in a rather ironic fashion. She is mildly flattered that someone in NYC is reading her comic.]

The writer is thinking that maybe some of his friends need to buy their own subscriptions. Its sad to think that 6 million new yorkers have to share one incomplete set of subs.

Its really tragic. The Chicagoans have no idea what they have.

I need to go to work. Work to avoid Patheticness.

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