Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Yesterday I was stuck in gridlock at the mighty intersection of Lockheed Way near Java (gotta love those self-conscious silicon valley interstections) and 237 (not ever to be confused with 273). It is huge, about five different multi-laned streets converge there.

At five o'clock in the PM.

Trying to turn left.

In the space of two light cycles, I made it to the front of the line, as the gridlock was intense.

I am not sure what happened next. Maybe the blood sugar was low, maybe my desire to be on the freeway overode my grasp of reality.

I found myself alone in the middle of the intersection, and the left arrow was red.

All around me, the cars stood still, not a single one moved. Nothing broke the eery silence as I gunned the accelorator and wedged the car into the far lane.

As I swung around, I noticed a police car across the street.

I didn't see him as I merged onto the freeway.

He must have made his quota of tickets.

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