Monday, October 18, 2004

An entry about nothing at all.

I just got back from teaching at the big T. (the other elementary school). I am using the public library computers of beautiful Muttonham. Now that I have unbridled access to my private digital free speech zone, I can't think of anything to say. Well, at least anything that I can say here. I am giving myself a headache. Haven't my spelling errors been appalling lately. The spell check doesn't work half of the time, but it does here, so I have no excuse what so ever to spell badly.

The spell checker said I should have written "metonymy" instead of Muttonham.
That would have totally changed the meaning of the sentence. Actually, it would have made no sense at all. I get metonymy mixed up with synecdoche.

For some perverse reason I can't open another window and save myself from this embarrassing moment by looking it up on dictionary

Technology is so overrated. I mean, here I am, in this fabulous forum and all I can mumble about is obscure words that I can barely spell, and don't know the meaning to.

While giving my fellow teachers indigestion at lunch today by relating the state of my bathroom when I got home yesterday, it came to my attention that everyone at my lunch table knows the Amazing Mr F. I know him from LA (my father knows him from Menlo), but they all shared various anecdoches about the various places they knew him from. Not only is he spry and well traveled, he is famous. Mr M mentioned that he speaks Japanese, and Ms S added that he is fluent in Spanish as well. To think, that I only have 50 years to catch up with him, I am not sure that I can do it.

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