Sunday, October 24, 2004

I emptied out the boxes that my uncle packed for me. My aunt and uncle are cleaning out the grandparents' house. I went through boxes and boxes of ugly fabric. Most of it was from the 80's. I confirmed my opinion that my grandmother has no taste. I found very little redeeming in her collection. What I did find, the terrible stuff from the 60s and 70s will go to the Inimitable One. I didn't even find very much costume jewelry. I don't think she was into Personal Adornment. I realize just how little I know her. I wish at least that I could brag about her good taste. She did have a lot of books that my aunt donated to the library (they raised a couple grand from them). I got her McCoy dishes, which I think I am going to keep. They are pretty cool and I am going to price them on E-Bay. I suspect that they were a wedding gift. I also got some cool science glassware-- beakers and such. Uncle unloaded various other odds and ends... a military duffel bag, a vintage tripod, a hat box and a hat from my great grandmother who passed in '86. I think some of it will go to my sister. [sigh] Such an inspiration to clean my room.

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