Monday, October 25, 2004

I have a deadline tomorrow AND a hot date in Corralitos to pick up rubber.

Rubber me this, what has 8 sides, velcro, strings and a flap?

Ha Ha Ha

I am not going to tell.

And an appointment with a dentist. Fortunately not all at once.

Ennui has hit and I am batting it away with the Singer and the scissors. I have this perverse urge to put a long distance call to New York, but I WONT. Dammit. Being good is so unstimulating.

The Singer and the Scissors sounds like a pub for tailors.

The little elves at the Rubber Co have made two credit card holders, a pencil pouch and a purse and a half. They are getting a little bit stir crazy.

Singer is a brand of sewing machine (Levi Singer invented it way back in the day). Sounds a bit musical.

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