Wednesday, October 20, 2004

In the last 12 hours I have had the pleasure of being in the company of 3
(no 4, no 5, maybe 6) amazing women. Yes, 6 Amazing Women have crossed my
path in the last half day. I am so blessed. I carpooled with Mrs S this
morning and somehow she made me feel like a Good Driver (which doesn't
happen much with that pitiful crew who has the misfortune to ride with me).
I just finished spending recess with the Inimitable One (we were making
plans for some vintage fabric I will be inheriting from my grandmere) and I
was having so much fun just basking in her general coolness. Of course,
there was the drawing last night, with Liesa, the Hster, the Mster and the
Unflappable N.

That brings my total up to 6. The N reminded me last night over dinner that
woman was the last creation of G-d and we are the Most Beautiful Creation.
She wasn't bragging, she just stated it matter-of-factly. I had to agree.
We certainly weren't man-bashing. (Psh, they are Beneath Our Notice) This
is a good time to be alive in California.

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