Saturday, November 27, 2004

In spite of what we wrote on all the postcards, it truly is the 27th.

Spent the afternoon with the Poulets in the Beloved City. I arrived at St Ignatius at 12:55 PM after a grueling solo drive up the Pennie and a mean case of low-blood-sugar. By the time 1:25 rolled around I was absolutely done with the human race. I hiked all over campus looking for a working pay phone, checked my messages, nada. Then i called the Infamous Poulet Mothah and she cheerily informed me that they had left the TriValley area a mere 20 minutes before. That would have put them in the City at 2:30. I decided I wasn't going to wait and I started hoofing it back to my car and then to spend a day in the city all by my lonesome, cuz really, who can you trust, if not yourself?

Fortunately Mrs Poulet, jr. found me before I had a chance to ditch them.

We had a blast traipsing all over... the Crepes on Cole and then to the Legion of Honor (Miss, your membership has expired... I swear, the check is in the mail!) and finally to Union Square and decadent deserts at Max's. Mrs Poulet was quite the trooper, she not only put up with endless reminscing and gossip about people she didn't know, she also was really uncomplaining about the wacky public transportation and the endless crowds.

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