Monday, November 22, 2004

Sis is hosting Thanksgiving this year, to give my mom a break. She asked me to bring apetizers. She didn't think I could mess up a trip to Trader Joes for various spreads and bread.

Since I had the time I decided to actually cook, so I consulted cook books, made a list, went to the store and bought the necessities. And the last 5 hours I have been slaving over the food processor, the oven, the stove and the blender.

Mama wanted all of the food to be new world food. I succeeded with everything except the RBell Peppers. Are those old world? I don't recall, they are good enough to be new world, though.

My contribution:
Sweet Potatoe Aioli (dunt know how to say it)
Red Bell Pepper dip (peeling the peppers made me cry, like it was an onion... why I ask, why? It even made my nose raw. Red bell peppers are about as volatile as water, fer cryin' out loud)
Pumpkin Pie with my secret gingersnap crust
bean and cheese Pate (cuz, the pilgrims ate beans)

I can hardly wait.

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