Thursday, November 25, 2004

Things I am Thankful for, in no particular order

Red Bell Peppers: for their fine roastability

Cream Cheese: for its tangy dairy richness

Garlic: for its tenacious pungence (in spite of high temperatures, crushing, grinding, pulverizing, mastication, digestive enzymes, metabolization & elimination)

Sourdough Bread from the Sabroso Town of Wa*ville: The Bakers Down There could Surely Show the Friscans a Thing or Two About Exploiting Ambient Yeast.

Uncle Palomar's Flight Simulator Games and his Spyware Software: someone still sees the techy romance of the Silicon Valley (the graphics are so real, you can see the Trans America Building!).

The Knee-Biter's butterfly and rainbow drawings: my expensive new sketcbook is now spangled with her creations

The Post-Meal Drive my father always takes: why get annoyed with the in-laws when you can simply get away?

Auntie D's Mandalas: "I had a client who kept drawing kelp that morphed into a beautiful green-eyed woman and I wanted her to dialogue with her but she kept refusing!"

Uncle E's History Books: Way more interesting than the family, but his apple crisp was the best thing on the dessert table.

How my Grandpa is thriving at the care home: his senility has given him a saintly beatificness that he never had before. "My, those are stylish shoes"

How My Grandma is Just Glad to be with Dad: the reasons for her undeserved devotion are Buried Under the Sands of Time with the Other Great Mysteries of the Universe.

For the Really Great Lady who takes care of my Grandparents: May She be Richly Blessed with All Manner of Good Things for putting up with my Curmudgeony GPs and the Wacky Auntie.

Chocolate: for the way it Melts On Your Tongue Right After You Chew it Up.

For Currer's Fabulous Parlor Games That Where intellectually Challenging without being Overly Competitive & Also Giving Us a Chance To Break Out Into Our Cheesiest British Accents.

The Silver Bullet: for always getting Me There In Style.

The Housemates: Perhaps a more Talented Group of Women Could Never be Found.

For God: For His Constant and Mysterious Providence that Enwraps Me With Love Every Where I go Simply Becuase He Is.

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