Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I just addressed 48 christmas cards. It seems like it was more than that. I am a bit melancholy.. after thinking about all you cool people whom I don't get to see very much. Missing those college days when every one important was just a mere building away (if that). If you don't get a card from me its prolly cuz I don't have your address. So cough it up already.

The breakdown

some relatives (just the hip ones)

ALL of my subscribers (I love you all!)

some coworkers (yay! i work with cool peeps)

quite a few ex-boyfriends (why I ask myself, are they still on the list? I suppose they deserve something for putting up wid me all them years)

old college friends (ahhh the salt of the earth)

one friend from high school who is a homeowner in Reddin' (she called me out of the blue this morning, nuts, eh?)

lots of nifty friends near and far.


New York called this evening. He wasn't his usual ass-kicking self, he complained of being tired, poor lamb. I confess he called because I sent him a postcard with a small penis on it (very tasteful, an original pen drawing on toned paper-- tres artsy). Go figure. I suppose I deserve what I get.

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