Tuesday, December 14, 2004

My Rotten Love Life

I managed to nearly destroy YET ANOTHER semi-friendly relationship with the opposite sex last weekend (I conveniently left that part out, HA HA!).

Since March, that brings the total up to FIVE. If I start counting at the beginning of 03... that is an additional FOUR, for a total of NINE. I am counting NY twice... since there was another falling out last August. I am counting anyone I dated at least once. Cuz if they had liked me then they would have asked me on another date, yes?

Something tells me, my luck would be no better with women. Ghaah!

What, I wonder, is WRONG with me? Should I start buying the cats now? Usually I am stupid enough to bring this self-pitying cant up around married people (another type of self-sabotage) and they usually say something inane, yet unanswerable like, "God is saving you for someone special."

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