Thursday, December 16, 2004

Thu, 16 Dec 2004 15:03:36 -0800

blah blah

I am looking at At art programs. The descriptions
are funny. Phrases like "sharpen your skills" and "we are
looking for
sophisticated students" dot the descriptions. Some of them seem to
focus on philosophical/critical disciplines and others are unashamedly
"studio" based. I already had my philosophical crisis... it hasn't
been resolved and I like it that way, so the ones that advertise
"studio" are the ones that i am interested in. Techniques, skills.. a
degree that will make me overqualified for even more jobs. Berkeley
brags that it will prepare you for an "artistic career"


Universities I have never heard of have art programs... Guam, Lapland,
Cypres... More exotic than Flip Flop.

I am scared, too. I have been in my current mind/job space for the
last 5 years. Its time for something new, I tell myself. I left
Redd'n right when I started to feel at home, and I haven't looked
back. This life is starting to chafe. Time to move on.

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