Monday, January 3, 2005

the best laid plans

Last night I found myself in the rain, with a big flashlight, trying to undo the plastic wheel cover (its so chinzy it doesn't deserve to be called a hub cap) becuase I could audibly hear the air rushing out of the tire.

Fortunately, I was in my driveway. If I had to be stranded anywhere on a rainy night, I couldn't have chosen a better place than my house. I slapped on the space-saver spare, and drove to work this morning very carefully. The hardest thing was seeing empty freeway ahead of me and still trying to maintain 55. That level of self control nearly broke me.

Praise be to God, I made it to work on time. Afterwards, I went to the tire palev to get it repaired, along with every other motorist in the prefix area. It took forever and I had to cancel my appointment with Wobbly. I was so looking forward to spending some time in the City.

more e-harmony stuff

I am on the third level of communication with "andrew" I got to compose my own questions! Shocking! I asked him silly questions about which toily he'd use at Saturn Cafe and whether or not he thinks the west side is really "spiritually oppressed." His profile said something about directing a choir, so I asked him what sort.

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